Competition Introduction

Competition Background

In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile industry, China has become the world's largest automobile producing and consuming countries. The challenge of national energy security, air pollution and industrial transformation and upgrading are becoming more and more urgent.

In order to promote the car, people, the net, the ecological circle of life in science and technology, management, production, marketing, services, finance and other aspects of innovation. In order to provide open source innovation platform for enterprises in the ecological circle. In order to public innovation, entrepreneurship, build a record and policy, create a customer and market, a guest and capital, creating a platform for the integration of customer and customer butt fusion. NACSAE and CHINA EV100 jointly organized the first The International New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Competition of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, which is the North American Automotive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Competition Range


new materials for automotive aluminum-magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, metal composite materials, nano materials and so on

Energy Saving

new energy automotive battery, electric motor, motor control and others


automotive active safety, passive safety, power battery security and so on


intelligent driving assistance technology, automatic driving, intelligent transportation and so on


innovative products and business patterns in the fields of resource sharing

Industrial Design

new industrial design engineering research and development and all other new ideas

Expert Committee

Gang Zheng

General Manager of Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.

Fanghui Shi

President of NACSAE

Erman Wang

Partner of TsingCapital

Liuxiang Shen

General Manager of Jiangsu Chaoli Group

Hai Wang

Professor of Stanford University

Nan Zhou

Partner of Dongye Capital

Kai Zhang

VP Eng. of Institute Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.

Yu Dong

Vice President of NACSAE

Ying Yin

PA Eng. of Institute Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.

Haiyin Shen

CEO of Singulato Motors Inc.

Chongzhong He

CEO of Hangzhou Nicigo Tech. Co.

Chris Mi

Professor of Diego State University

Yunong Su

CEO of Vcyber Co.

Fengzhuo Hu


Charlie Zhang

Vice of President NextEV Co.

Jianbo Lu

Technical Expert of Ford Motors Co.

Xinhong Li

Chairman of ALI System Co.

Yajing Duan

Vice President of NACSAE California

David Wang

President of NACSAE California

Wei Yan

CEO of VisualTreat

Qingquan Chen

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Jochem Heisman

President & CEO of Volkswagen Group

Ouyang Minggao

Executive Vice President of ChinaEV100

Olaf Kastner

President & CEO Bayerische Motoren Werke Group China

Wang Chuanfu

Chairman BYD Auto Co., Ltd.

Hubertus Troska

Chairman & CEO of Daimler Greater China Ltd.

Andy Yan

Managing Partner SAIF


100+ international experts