BAIC BJEV Arena Competition

BJEV Contest Subjects

1.Electrification-related technology
2.Lightweight material
3.Range extender for electric vehicle
4.Optimizing solution of energy consumption in System and components level
5.Intelligence network connection field, included but not limited to telematics, automobile network related technology, intelligence network applications, etc.

BJEV rewards to winner and candidates

1.Technology commercialization and product application: opportunity of collaboration with enterprises in analysis and optimization for mass production of innovative products and technology
2.Become enterprise eco-system value chain partner: enterprise will assist application of innovative products commercialization, winner will has opportunity to become enterprise eco-system value chain partner
3.Communication with International research center: BJEV provides resources of five international research centers for participants technical exchange (Self-paid)
4.Manufacturing factory visit and technology exchange: Opportunity to visit BJEV production factory, join forum with related field technical professions
5.Career development: opportunity to join BJEV research and development team