Global Contest

Related instructions

1.Competition time: January 2017 (the China EV 100 year annual summit will be the same time), 3 days.
2.Judging Tutor selected from the 30 entries in the top 8 teams to qualify for the global finals.
3.In the final part, the team needs to elaborate and demonstrate the advantages and market prospects of the project through video demonstration, live speech, answer questions, business communication and other aspects of the project.
4.Well-known investment institutions will conduct an assessment of the project through a virtual business investment, etc., the conclusion will be included in the final results of the assessment of the competition results.
5.The global finals sets 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 3 third prize. At the same time in the promotion of the global challenge of the project team selected the best popular award, the best creative award, the best technology award, the best design award, the best environmental award five special awards.
6. The winning team will receive financial support from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, as well as a number of supportive policies, such as the entry into the Carienda Incubation Base.